Fresh Start: 'Project Funway' 2016

"Project Funway is our own take on the popular reality TV show, Project Runway. This clothing design competition showcases local designers while benefitting Fresh Start at the same time. Designers will be working to win over a local celebrity panel of judges, and guests….The materials used for the garment must be clothing that is purchased from local thrift stores, such as The Daisy at Fresh Start. Thrift store clothing may be used in any way, including completely deconstructed. The clothing purchased must be transformed into an entirely different, unique garment. “                              


Design Statement


Aimed to bring awarness to the struggles that women of Fresh Start face, the piece is created as performance art with functionality first and formost. Constructed for the user, she is able to release from a seemingly restrictive silhoutte, morphing into the back of the garment creating wing like forms. Personifing concious human will and the primal instinct to survive.

Pillowman play by Martin McDonagh 2015

A chorus of  deceased children, victims murdered on accord of fictional stories written by the protogonist excuted by a person closer than he could imagine. Forced to listen to their story retold through the wishes of their killer, the children are in a perpetual state of insomnia. Some bare the mark of their death, the long forgotten are thrown into the masses with only a thin sheet serving as santuary.

Untitled Collection 2015

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