NO EXIT  play by Jean Paul Sartre  2015

Design Concept

Hell is other people; the tagline of No Exit, a philosophical work by the father of existentialism Jean Paul Sartre. The premise being that of three individuals ushered into a space with no prior knowledge of one another. Here they are forced to confront and hash out the regrets of life all while being faced with the fact that each one's morals, ethics and perspective is in utter contrast to one another. His prior work was controversial for the time as it challenged religion, family, and societal constructs. Sartre developed existentialism during his time as a prisoner of war. While there he was to develop the basis of the philosophy. The understanding that by stripping away societal influence one could attain true freedom; true identity. His philosophy, was the departure point for the overall concept: Rebirth. The garments utilize clear vinyl. Representative of water used during the ritual of baptism. During the course of which the spirit is reborn: washing man of his sin. Specials are used to light actors blinding the audience while letting them see there is more underneath until the undergarments are revealed. Actors undergarments are swaddle cloths worn by newborns after baptism. Doubling as bandages to conceal the wounds that everyday life leaves. The reveal of the bandages is physical translation that a society of indoctrination in which true free thinking is condemned is what is most harmful. And through the blinding and the disrobing visual existentialism is achieved. The stripping of the artificial to gain true nature.


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