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    Artistic Statement


    My artistic philosophy has been molded over the years through the examination and implementation of ideals from Marlon Brando, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Alexander McQueen and Stanley Kubrick. From these individuals, I formed my thoughts on the world, life, and how to live. I attempt to live through an objective lense; understanding that there will always be someone with a different creative perspective and not to dismiss something when it's there, but rather to take away in the chance that it will enhance my own work.


    I began self-education by patterning and draping; experimenting with heat guns and bleach, wax and additional manipulation methods. I sketched and drafted from my instincts, pulling on emotion and mood which developed my illustrative style. It is essential that I be able to communicate through sketch as my concepts are formed through abstract and somewhat fragmented thoughts. Fabric, trim and embroidery link these thoughts into a cohesive design and are simply the means of communication. They are treated as a medium. The concept influences each and every detail, from line to drape to color. All components are justified whether metaphorical or representational in an attempt to clearly communicate the message.


    During the course of my design process I keep few if any visuals aside from preliminary sketches. I opt to grasp for the moment and its significance, in an attempt to keep my original intention real and raw. This enables me to create work that I can only hope captures the idiosyncrasies of life. Due to the nature of my work I operate in a hightened sense of reality which requires the suspending of disbelief on occasion. However, I aim to create garments that are realistic within their given circumstances and always keeping in mind that art is more about revision than the final product. With all that said, at the core of my work is finding and momentarily suspending the truth. 

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